Friday, November 23, 2012

Studio Time!

 I pulled out some Kraft paper and added a layer of Gesso on set pattern just spread it on. 

 When it dries I add the color on the surface..this a mixture of a nice periwinkle and blue, plus some polymer to help it spread nice and smooth.  You know acrylics it has a tendency to dry fast.

 During the week of preparing for the Big Thanksgiving feast at our homestead I prepared #11 of the 36 x 36 grateful I did as of now it's ready to go when the papers are coated.

 Cut my white plastic bags for the under the stained tissue papers. Two reason I use this one is it's a great way to carry the delicate tissue paper when it wet and you get some awesome textures with the way the wet tissue paper and plastic play off it each other. 

 Sometimes I like to sandwich in between the tissue papers other objects, here I've used the re-enforcement rings.  I love that circle shape and it's great to shadow later.  I think I used them on the the one canvas called Wild Wide River and Singing my Song.  Since I'm creating all these bigger pieces at the same time I like to carry over paper designs into the next one or skip a few and come back to it.
 Here is my stain mixture  equal parts.. polymer(blue bottle) water and my fluid acrylic paints. I like use the fluid by Golden Paints because that are more transparent then your regular or craft acrylics. the opinion of having the transparent papers gives the choice of an layer of other papers underneath that will be seen.
 Sandwiched plain tissue papers with the re enforcement rings sprayed with water and ready for the stain mixture.
These collage papers are a bit large and are drying on the floor, I'll probably come up to the studio later before bed and give them a coat of polymer. This way the can dry through the night. Well that's the plan. 

I'm happy I got up to the studio but feeling like a slug as of all the wonderful anxiety of the holiday fest has me wiped...i tried to walk my usually but I was dragging my behind literally... not good after what I ate...but it was all worth the time with the family. 

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  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Hi Laura, I like this peak into your studio - I thought I had a lot of books and magazines! and it was good to see your process. Thanks for posting.


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