Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Old and New Facing it.

Spent the day in the living room pulling out art work old and new, then typing up inventory list for the places that I'll be exhibing in the next month or so...some  places want it now and you've got to get to work and do it.

I have a hard time looking at the old works..not that they pleasing and good quality it's more like that part of my life when I created is passed.  And not that part was a terrible time in my life but it's done with, I'm moving on to new things...So with the sticking to my guns and completing what I didnt want to do it's over..I just have to pack it up nicely and have it read on the days I need it.

Now to have a phone conference with Lubeznik Art Center in Michigan City to Schedule a 1 day know the "make it take" ones. 

and need to go to the pet of the Gourami's have sucked up in the filter...poor thing..didn't see it happen.

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