Wednesday, November 14, 2012

no pictures...just words

Sometimes it's important to live life, and yesterday I was out doing that.

I had wanted to see a group of artist's work at the McCord Center in Palos Park which I did...checked that off the list. When my daughter Stevie and I entered the center there was a class going on...Oils I was a great exhibit of collage and oil and wax. 

Then dropped her off and headed back out to the Whalon Lake....I wasn't sure I should many things to do but I said yes to myself and went...I think I got there around 12:30 and didn't get back home till 2:00 usual I explored the place and walked and walked the paths.  To see the nice body of water was great the way the sun reflected off. 

In the morning I took the dogs to the park...finally met the puppy black great dane...yes he really is 6 month old and weighs as much as Hank...120lbs...I have to share I had a ego deflation on the ride home...embarrassed to share this but best to do...because I couldn't believe myself that I was doing this...Here goes..." I thought I was the big kahuna with the big black dog out there at the park"  Well was I slapped with reality...right down to size....and maybe a little smaller...I shared this with my oldest daughter and she looked at me of I think mom's going crazy...everyone once in a while I get a case of I'm bigger then shit and all important and all that said is nothing and I realize the EGO just stepped in and took me for a ride.

Now I also stopped in to Caribou Coffee and set up Dec 1st to hang my work there...not many piece but still some and that's just fine...I don't live in this small picturesque town but I do like to think I do and work with in the community to let people know that artists have a place too.  There's some nice photographs up there now. 

Well loving the business and also hating as I've not gotten a chance to get up stairs to work on the mask I'm to a fire under the bottom and a deadline too.


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