Sunday, November 25, 2012

Looking into Solitude

I ran away yesterday, not kidding you...I was in a awful mood and really had all intentions of running away... Thank God I just don't know how to do that but to go to the woods. I walked and walked and walked. No Granny running just walked. By the time I finished one time around the whole area I realize I had not picked up my head for the first 2 miles...I had it down looking at the pea gravel path. Some tears were shed and by the time I has finished.. I felt better.
Holidays are a great time but they trigger the past and in some cases us creative types need more time to deal with it...I just hate the fact that it comes in and hits you and then it's gone..Oh we know holiday time is coming but for me I don't like to deal with it...I would much rather go hide... by the time I was ready to head home...I was gifted with awsome site of three red tails hawks and then an amazing swoop right over my head with a sharpshined hawk....



  1. Hope you are feeling better today Laura. The holidays can really stir up the emotions, can't they? Both good and bad. Glad you just went walking and didn't run away but sometimes running away sounds pretty, damn good, doesn't it?!

  2. Thanks Robin...yes it does sound good...I do have a weekend set up at the end of Jan. for a weekend get away and a spiritual refilling of the well now to make it through December.


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