Thursday, November 01, 2012

Daily stuff...

Yesterday I went and met at the Hinsdale Hospital with an Artist's friend that Invited me to be a judge for  "National Arts Program"  this isn't a new program but for Hinsdale Hospital is it is...So we met and walked around the areas of exhibit and I'll be coming back there on Monday to judge almost 200 piece or art with two other artists...I'm excited.

Now today I've got to take the other four legged critters in to the vet and get their shots, then we are good for the year... November 1st!! well that also means I've got a few weeks to get the house clutter free and read for the family to come in...

Hoping to get up stairs and work on some more paper for the last three big piece in this assignment or goal I have for hard to get back in the grove...I want to so badly but with life and all happens I'll just have to be patience and allow it to flow...trying to force it makes me get frustrated...just taking care of business that's all. 

Keeping up on my walking the woods are more open now that the leaves are almost all off the big Oaks and Maples.  I will be listening today for the Sand that the storm as passed we should hear them unless they went over during an evening way up high...or maybe I missed them a few weeks back but I dont' think so.

Off to take the second oldest to the train and the vet again...

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  1. Someone called my attention to the sound of them over the weekend, Laura. Maybe will still hear more?


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