Saturday, November 17, 2012

Creation Story

 So I was suggested to looking in to doing this mask project, and I do love masks...I don't do them as much as I would like...some one close to me said they don't like them and they scare I kind of back off from doing them. In my studio I have a whole series of them I did a while back, I was even able to show them at the area High schools that's when I was using beeswax before it got big again in the Excaustic arena.  This is a plaster mold that was giving to us and we are to create on it..rules are no 3-D stuff sticking out and no oil paints or oil

"Creation is alive in every new day."

Collage papers, stained tissue papers, book pages, wax pastels, image printed on artist tissue papers, acrylics and glazing with a couple of layers of polymer medium and a satin varnish. 

Some of the symbolism of a crow...The color black gives way to birth of a new day.  The crow is adaptable much like the coyote, and they are present on every continent.  They are watchful and work with in their groups/families and have sentinel posted for protection.  They are also connected to voice, a crow is consider a song bird but not like the birds we hear normally...but their vocabulary is vast.
The magic and mystery they bring to us is alive in each new day...The ability to balance and or restore balance in any given area is incredible...the color orange is present here to represent it.

Ok that feels good to have that done before November 30th I'll drop it off next week or who knows maybe even on to cleaning out the refrigerator and the windows and doing the last of my food shopping...which is probably a lie cause you know how that is always need one more thing...

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