Thursday, November 08, 2012


Birthday Fun has passed and everyone had some good know the good belly, tears rolling down the face kind...all good for the soul.  Ate way to much and now going to get back to the walking and focus.

Some on-line friends of mine and one of them I've met in person this past summer...Uta Mooney from Australia is locked up in her studio across the big waters and is hunker down to the painting easel to finish up all her pieces for a collaborative exhibit with an Author from Washington State Glenn Stenson.  I've linked up their blogs so you can see what there up to.  Sure is an amazing world out there when people can share on line and then meet in person and form some great friendships and even carry it on to something even more.  It all started with doing the Artist Way on line together..with some expanding and contracting, some people going off on their own to some still staying connected. Well if you have time and want to check it out you can.

Now back to the day at hand and get up to the studio might be hard as the day is to be a warmer one and hanging outside is something that might win out.

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