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Friday, November 02, 2012

Canvas 10

I've been working on these larger canvas since May of this year. I'm loving them. What I realized is there is no school bus yellow in this one...had the paper made but just didn't seem to call out.  I dropped off the other piece "Unity" with the big round blue circle in it at the Photographers and another one from a while ago that I just go back from J2 gallery...I wanted to get some prints of it so there's a sale and I figured I take advantage of that.  

Been missing the routine of every two weeks I would have a new one to be photographed. Well I accomplished more then I thought but still didn't finish the assignment of making 12 of these big pieces.  Actually I sold one at my Outdoor Studio Exhibit so I'll really have only 11 which is fine with me as it was testimony to the new direction I'm headed in.

As I was tearing my papers to fit the canvas and the compositions the thought of regular puzzles never really appealed to me. I did them but got bored fast...but here I am cutting tearing and fitting paper piece in to place much like a puzzle. The difference is the piece is going together the way I see fit not the way it was cut from a machine. The edge of the papers and the torn verses the straight really are where the excitement comes in.   And with these bigger piece I have to sit for long time ironing the coated paper to the canvas..or really it's fusing or melting the coated layer. I'm touching every surface and I know the papers so well by the time I'm done it's amazing.

Well I'm a happy campers as I was up in the studio, harmony is restored.. and life is good.

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