Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Action verse Lip Service

Urban Legend

It was a strong emotional piece I posted on the Tack Down Tuesday page of the blog here.  When I was creating the piece I had a gamut of emotional stuff flowing through my mind and heart...kind of a dangerous place to be in. But grateful I'm able to put that some where as of in creation a piece of art to work through. After I'm done I feel so much better.  I think my heart was reaching out for all the people, their homes and cities that where wiped out by Sandy, then watching  a show on the history channel about Nostradamus and his predictions and my personal study of Native American culture and beliefs...that something got to change and point fingers with the blaming and shaming and bullying around this world hasn't worked...we're sick people and we need some good open heart healing...

On my wall of my studio is a statement made by Obama that made me vote for him the first time around...not sure if he made it up or a combination of a few wise souls but I'm a firm believer in this.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time, we are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the Change that we seek.  Barack Obama 2008

I'm not a political person as of getting really nitty gritty into the heavy of all the conversations leading up to this...I disengage from it all...I don't like to hear the bull that spread around..I'm one that likes to see action instead of lip service...

Well with Action I have to share what happened yesterday...besides a lot of running around..for the birthday people in our family..(we are celebrating today).  I stopped into Caribou Coffee on Monday and grabbed a Green tea and when I was there I asked if the manager was in?  and to my surprise he was, I was expecting to find out when he would be in and come back later but the server said, I'll get him for you he's in back...So David the manager is waiting for the next artist to come in and hang and I found out that David is the guy I talk to about hanging there also...Well feeling not so professional and a bit awkward and vulnerable by not being prepared I said I would come back in and give him a packet of my information to look over.. He then had to go.. such a busy place.  I  was excited and headed out...thinking about the time I hung art there about 8 or so year ago and now seeking to hang again...Yes locally in a coffee shop in the next town over...I might hear from people that I'm pass this level of exhibiting and I can tell you..I'm not, I want to be about my town and simple folk...though the art or subject matter may not but it's a core of it all that matters.  Artists are just like your attended behind the counter, working a job, living and being in the community. 

Well thanks to  Re for sharing her art work that is going to be exhibit in the Caribou Coffee in Elgin it got some action going for me as to ask here..

I might be showing there in December of this year already.. How cool is that.

Time to bust a a list a mile long and I'm crying in side to be in the studio..I've got a mask to create on by the end of this month and piece to get back into that I started last week...but Family comes first and I'm excited to help them celebrate their birthdays...Maddie my second oldest and my Husband.


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