Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time in the Studio

I'm not sure where the day went but it went and found myself up in the studio and as soon as I put my apron on I thought I'm going to make a new journal as my other one is almost full.  So nose to the grind stone I was able to finish this one in about an hour and a half...pretty good time I figure...didnt' use book board instead the board from my large pad of 140 lb watercolor paper works well. And I use a 8 1/2 by 11 paper and fold it in half...makes for a nice 6 x 9 journal of course the page in side the book are a bit smaller but you get the picture on this.  Since doing morning journal writing for many years I eat regular journals so I make them myself  a heck of a lot cheaper. This way. I should make more to sell but I get my interest as a need and then I don't want to do it...weird I know but kind of a personal thing I guess.

I take my solo show down today at LaGrange...less then a month it was up...they have a big holiday show coming up...seems that's the big thing for the art centers right now...setting up for the holiday's. 

So while I'm heading in there today I'll bring my supplies for the workshop and set them aside for Tomorrow morning going to create paper and then move right in to mini abstract landscapes.


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