Thursday, October 04, 2012

The blue circle..

So I've not gotten as far as I would had liked with this piece yet..needing to stop the creative process up stairs today and move it down stairs to the kitchen.  Making some appetizers today or at least getting it started for the Friday..something have to sit in for a bit other things need to be back and I just would like to get it out of the way. 

The huge blue circle with the hole in the middle was fun to make..had to use the largest glass mixing bowl I have and actually a paper plates as a template.   Save the inside cut out for later pieces if I decided make more. 

Laying the blue against the blue back ground will be a bit of compositional struggle and I may have to changed things..not sure if it yet.

I have this small sketch book that I've been collage sketching in for some time and I have about 10 pages both sides to finish up before tomorrow night...why? because I would like to have a full sketch book there but if I don't the idea just came to me to have other people play around and collage in one of my sketch books I've got a new one I could do that too...some National Geographics that I have a boat load of and some glue sticks...yes corny for a art receptions but what can I say might be a idea to play out...not sure..what would stop me from doing something like that would know those voice in your head saying.."oh that's not what they do at art receptions"  but I feel a bit of a rebel in me wanting to take the chance and do it any ways.
So now that I mention it I guess I should play it out.

Off to take the second oldest to the train and then walk the four legged loves and on with creative cooking stuff and maybe slip in a bit of studio time.


  1. Busy you! and what a treasure of a book!

  2. Yes I've grown quite fond of it.


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