Monday, October 15, 2012

Never can it be truly capture as it really is

 Walking the path aroudn the woods there is a small pond on both ends.  This pond seems to be the riches.  Down I walk into the Honeysuckles and to the waters edge.
 Filled with a top layer of green I know that it has gold fish in it and some other small finned ones, but right now it's just a great home for the communtiy of mallard ducks.
 Looking out under the drip point of the trees here sitting on a piece of man made concrete looking out.
 Seems taking a picture of our feet where we are is a growing thing so I thought I might give it a try. As you can see I have my power walker sticks with me. Been working the upper body a bit more lately feels great to walk taller and straighter but I shift off and on with me on different days and do my granny running.  But I sit and it took about 10 deep breaths in and out slow to calm my inner and outer body to see and relax.  I've not done this for about 16 years or so that is mediate. With working the Artist way- Prosperous Heart one of the tasks through out the book is to take time outs...and well I'm like fighting this...time outs I usually take them in my chair at night with some food on my lap..not good but it's what I do so this is me putting something into a new practice...I put aside the thought of the creeper that I saw a few weeks ago showing his peeper...(hahaha a little fun there with the woods)  and said God's got it  as of my safety out there and I let it go and relaxed and it was beautiful...I listened to the community of ducks come out and then find the clear spot where there was no upper green layer of duck weed as we called it.  Their they splashed up the water and bathed...making their low quacks...I could hear a blue jay fly over and the churrs of the woodpecker...I sat for about a good 10 minutes or so, hard to sit and not peek and trust in the sounds or at least listen to everything going on...the leaves where falling before my eyes and even on top of my head.  Being in the Now and Being Laura...
 When I first start my walks I come to a bridge and stretch out and this is my's just so rich and full.
 Second shot of the same area.

The tall grass prairie is not as tall as it usually is the lack of moisture might be the cause, but it's still beautiful with the winds making them bow at it's mercy. 

I took the day to tend to the home little clutter cleaning and it was rich and full of a deeper presence in my life...happy?  yes I was and still am very happy I took the weekend kind of off and enjoy something at their simplest.

Going to head out there this morning and enjoy the coolness, with the hot flashes flaring up it feels so great to be outside...everyone say take this natural thing or that but I'd rather be out here... so that's what's this gals doing.. then on with pulling out some paper work and setting a plan of preparing for my workshop this weekend...leaving Friday afternoon before the traffic I hope and then setting up that night and let the creative artistic fun begin..

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