Friday, October 26, 2012

My Stone this morning

I purchased a hordsfull of this special stones, from the Rock Fairy  Every morning I pick one and then write the saying down on my little index card I carry around with me, gratitude list on one side with the day's job/task list on the other...This saying strikes me odd as of having to Brag about what is right with me which if I went into that thinking I would be missing the boat. I think what it is, it this... attitude I'm giving the choice to right now...because that was my first reaction and it feel very odd, oh I promote about my work and my classes but to bring up what is right with me is a different story...I'm so self critical sometimes I can barely walk out of the house..but working at that over the years. 

But back to what's right with me? I have to say my attitude, it's been in a state of great gratitude and I'm really enjoying that perspective... Life isn't perfect, nor should it be..wouldn't have moments to build character if it was. But I guess I've been working on the present moment and stating in that..and when I do I do understand what is right with me.

On to the hardware store to purchase some drop cloths as I've left my big bag at the Freeport..probably was thought to be trash and was tossed out then I think I need some time for me in the studio...missing that. was puttering yesterday and watched a movie while packing up for the workshop.. but need my personal ideas to emerge out..feeling a bit crabby and stifled...a good creative session of play or creating papers always does a girl better.

Thankful and feeling blessed while living a dream


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  1. Love this post, of course. ;-)

    The "what is right with you ?" rock can from a reaction to the question "what is wrong with you ?", which is where many of us can get focused sometimes. Starting with what is right is a way upwards, I think !
    You answered the question wonderfully. The atiitude of gratitude makes life so much sweeter, doesn't it ?
    I am grateful for you in this world and for your sweet rock love.


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