Sunday, October 07, 2012


Spend some time in the woods yesterday, pulled out my walking sticks and put a good power walk on.  Everyone seems to be doing the Yoga thing or the Hot Yoga thing lately.  But that's not for me I don't think?  I like being out in the elements.  Planning a walk this morning too. But you never know I've got some contact with a friend artist and may be her student. Just having a time with hot flashes and night sweats so I seem to be in my own sweat lodge, the cool air is so inviting now.

A Friend of mine asked if I read the articles in the Professional Magazine yet..some good ones I guess. I have my magazine here sitting next to the computer but I can't bring myself lately to read it. I'm sure I will soon, seems the morning hours are the best for my reading..but I just finished the Happier at Home book...great read got a few people I'll be sharing that with...sending to Georgia first.   And now I've started the Darn Greatly and the Artist way on line with a group of people..we are sharing the Prosperous Heart, Julia's newest one. You can follow along if you like.. Creative Walkabouts  Multi Tasking to the max is what you call it but it's how this gal does works for now.

My readings have been more about how to live a full well round whole life. With reading all the how to be an artist books out there and putting that knowledge to good use...I got so business gear headed that I feel still lost and not grounded.  One of the reason I always go to the woods, my centering and grounding place.  But I've been finding all the push to be all that you can be "The Artist Type" is so draining..
the basic are
1. create your work, and a good body of it.
2. take risks and venture out and see if you can find a place to exhibit it.
3. market it
4. try to live a good life and fill you inspirational spot.
5. Be real and be yourself...
6. Hang in there it doesn't happen as you expect it..usually it happens when you least expect it.
7. Create your work.
8. be grateful of what is right now
9. find you people you can relate with and share the good and bad experiences
10. seek to be the best that you can comparing.

Now that I've worked at that and will continue..the need to develope a fuller well rounded whole life seems to be of more importance. So my readings are more about personal growth where I am now in my life...self help or whatever the ability to look at myself and make changes for the better and be happier is where this gal pointing her feet. 



  1. It looks like you have to be invited to read that blog. I had never heard of that before. Must be a new blogger glitch.

  2. Thats odd... I'm looking into that Roberta..hoping it would show just incase people wanted to follow along..we have 10 already so that the limit


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