Thursday, October 18, 2012

Goodwill today

I was going to got to Blick Art Materials today but I really don't need anything so I ended up at the Goodwill.  Really didnt' need anything there but when you go to Goodwill or a resale shoppe you never know if you will need it till you find there foam letters reverse so I can bring them along to my workshop this weekend and we can play around with them and see what happens.  I also found to stuffed animals for Hank..he has his moment when he feels like tearing something and he's learned that a stuffed animal is he got a duck and a bear.. I try to find them with out the beans or plastic pellets in the feet not good to eat or spill all over the floor.  I end up pick up the white fluffy stuff with in about 10 seconds but the bear will be around for a while or a head of one...Relaxing and waiting for the husband to come home.

Also I just received a rejection letter from Hyde Park Art Center. The work doesn't fit there next year schedule and I'm not a Chicago base artist.... So no biggie,  really it isn't as I have a few other submissions out and for Good Orderly Direction reason I'm not to be doing this one and on to the next. One thing I always remember not everyone will like all of my work...just isn't a good fit..not anything to do with me or the art work.  Part of the what this job is about acceptance and rejections. or Lets put it Ebb and Flow. 

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