Saturday, October 20, 2012

Busy full day-Freeport IL Collage Workshop Day 1

What a busy day and one that just flowed.  We are missing one of the student, sudden family emergency. Hope all goes wells, maybe she can come in for half day...well see.

In the mean time sharing a few photo's from the workshop today...

 Small workshop but a great one, Mary Ann and Bette are working some the papers we are making.
We are making some rolling on color to the drawing papers s we have some solid colors to work with. Bette, Pam and Mary Ann

The first day or two if longer then a 2 day workshop are a procedure of creating a pallet of papers to work with. Hard but fun for the students as they get to play around and create with out worrying if it's right or wrong. We get to open up and sand, crinkle, add and subtract. We are all looking foward to tomorrow when we get to assemble the papers and make some Awesome Collages. 

Husband is heading up to night and we might got out to dinner then he'll head back tomorrow morning.. Maddies in charge at home...she's loving it up..making dinner for her sweetie..

It was a good day... we should all sleep well tonight.


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