Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Back to gluing

With creating the tack down Tuesday yesterday afternoon the big piece here was laying flat on the work table and I was itching to do something...not sure but it was time to tack down the big circle of blue on top of the blue background.  Though this isn't a professional shot of the work and by far it's not done yet, it is hard to place a shade of blue on top of another and expect it to stand out. Now I'm about a fourth done with this piece...at this point I've pulled from this composition I created last year around this time.
Do you see the long strips of light gray papers coming across the bottom have of the piece?  well in the one up on time this is where the change will happen with the composition...I've followed the small one not it's time to switch it up. I do love this piece...something about it has me...I guess I'm seeing a bit if intimacy..

well best get going must head to the bank and post office and do my power walk and then Tai Chi tonight.. As I walk today I'm going to bring this composition with me and see what comes as inspiration...the other day the stack rock theme kept popping in my head.

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