Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to feeding and gathering insight

Didn't make it up to the Studio...terrible.. last thing on the list to do.  But I'm not going to beat myself blue about is what it more cracking the whip of guilt, got to live too.  Multitasking my morning reading from  a few mediation books to the morning newspaper which I personally don't read all the way through but I do read the weather or look at the pictures and the horoscopes but this morning the Article about Picasso and his work with  bring in scientist to study the paint he used is interesting.. a good fun read. Well I made it one to my most of my waking family..  Added some embellishment but all in all it was good information to gather.  Scientist and artist coming together.  Well maybe not at the same time but you get the picture.

And the other gathering of information has been the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown...that one for me is a book for discussion I would love to do that face to face with people some day but for the mean time I'll read it slowly and digest it little by little.

But I've also gather some insight with all the hormonal changes going on which seem to be more accepting then they have been..or I'm just getting use to all.. I'm having to work on my thinking more so then ever before...the case of the very low thinking and self worth seem to be so connected with imbalance if things... so having to do spot checks have been a big help...Not Ego check as much as spot checks on the confidence side of things.. A look back at all that I've done and what I was capable of doing then continuing with what still needs to be done...Taking the risk facing the fears of uncertainty and moving on before the stinking thinking begins. And you all know what that is.."The Critic"

I didn't want to go to Tai Chi..because I fumbled in my head with the steps...thinking I had to have that all correct before I went back in to class..How silly is that, I'm taking a class to learn...hard to be a student...but I want to learn this- I want to be able to move smoothly with my eyes closed through this series of awesome staying in that mind thought and out of having to have it all spot on perfect before the next class is where the adjustment in the thinking had to be.

And lastly the one book I read by Gretchen Rubin, Happier at Home...gave me the one line statement to think about and that was what she used...Be Gretchen and now I stop and say Be Laura..sound a bit weird but it's a wonderful thing to do as to take a inventory of who you are and what you are about as of values, moral and lorals... I just love it..simple and straight and spot on.. Notice ("Spot on- is my new verbage today")

So off again but to the studio first today..Going to do my happy thing as of wear some favorite clothing and cover up with an apron and pj's today or yoga pants..going to stand tall have some fun in the studio.. I know crazy but there are some days when this kind of crazy is called for.

Bustin' a move and being Spot on!



  1. Dear Spot,

    Wishing you a wildly creative day!

    Love, Carol


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