Sunday, September 02, 2012

Thinking becomes I walk

Wow..there you go...when one tries to change the Cosmo's....right then and there you should take that as a warning sign. The "I want it my way" of thinking an accident waiting to happen...Luckily no accidents but wow...the way the connection to the body, hormones and thinking can send one for a loopity do.. Grateful for some experience...and to know that it too shall pass and it has...

The thing is, I'm laughing at myself now and can only look back for a moment because don't want to stay stuck in that muck..I can relate to the feeling of disconnection and discontentment...and thinking  worlds is coming down on you, low self worth...but all it is, is an imbalance of the way the hormones are deciding to arrange themselves for that month.. steady as she time I'll need to know to bring a life jacket and my 2 x 4 so I can smack myself a sense of reality...hahaha.

Just got to ride it out...Oh I could take some chemicals of sorts I guess but I choose to allow it to happens and let it go along with life and the dailiness of things this is part of my life...don't wish it on any one but it's my experience and I'm grateful I have it...all my people close to me have had to have it forced upon them with surgery and their experience was full blown in you this is easy does it but I still want to have it done with/over...back to My way...I think I need to find the positive in it...I'm backing off from my over loading of responsiblities so I can be kind to myself so as things slow down I'm hoping to easy in and out much funny how one things they need more to deal with "it" or life but what is ask for is be present..tough one sometimes.

So I walk....I walked in the woods again just before dinner...and didn't push it, just walked and at a point I stopped and stood and breathed..10 times in place slowly,  I was able to experience the wind, blowing on my face and moving my hair. I was able to listen to the Rustling Trees-Cotton woods by the small pond...I was able to be in the was just what I needed and I continued to walk up around to the larger side of the path and there in a dead tree at the top was a gathering of Cedar Wax wings...their sound and connectedness was a sight...seems to early to gather for fall migration but who am I know, nature has her ways and maybe they know more...

So I walk

Not my photo, didn't bring the camera or photo for this walk..just me.

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