Thursday, September 27, 2012

Going for it - Road Trip

I remember a time I first went to a Indian Pow Wow and was watching them dance, there came a time when we all could step in and dance around the arena.  I stood there frozen and wanted so bad to step in and go around and the feelings of I'm not a Native American..or what are people going to think about me know all that negative mind stuff..when in fact this was a dance when the invited everyone in...and as I stood there frozen I heard a Native American say all this oppression going on...I had to look that word up. - a sense of being weighed down in body or mind :

 Do you recognize what this is?  There's a shape in the first photo that gives it away.  Well to share with the word oppression and the images here.  I'll explain this exhibit at the Hyde Park Art Center. You see there was whole room full of orange balloons the size of huge beach balls, I do mean whole room and there was this gal outside the room and she was there to let you in and corral the big orange balloons.  I hesitated..then I thought about the experience I had at the Pow Wow along time ago and the word flashed out Oppression don't be oppressed, jump in there and give it a try.  So I did and you know I giggled and giggled and then found out there was another person in there and we keep pushing the balloons up in the air and it was almost like swimming too to get through them..What a hoot.. then I remember I had my camera photo so as you can see I snapped a few pictures.
 I have to say it felt so good to do this...

Ground floor exhibit at Hyde Park Art Center  I receive an email from them also for the upcoming exhibits, just love the huge piece on the wall and how this was laid out..being respectful to the artist I saw each pieces but as you know now all piece of art speaks to each of us..but it was a cool concept to put all these different artist work in on place and try hard not to in cringe on each other.

 Yesterday after reading my horoscope and deciding what I was going to do which was get the nagging feeling of saying yes I'll drop off the packed at Hyde Park Art Center and meet the people there..which I made first contact back in I really hate it when I let something hang off my back like that when I side I was going to do...I could just cancel but there was a need or nudge not too.  So with taking the file with everything saved in it and burning a CD of image and putting it all together in a nice little folder I made up Two..that's right two packets with a Workshop proposal and exhibit suggest of my work.  At this point sounds weird, but did my foot work and it feels good and if nothing happens from it, I take it as experience for the next one. 

When I left the house in the morning with all my young adults in the house still I yelled up stairs and said, "I'm going on to Job interviews"  What? was the response from them and I said well it's like job interviews as I present my stuff and wait and see what happens..

Husband comes home and we share the dad's happenings and he said good glad you doing work is getting weird and sketchy so hard for our Man folk to do a good job and have to deal with the stuff the get back...

So off to read this day's horoscope to see what guidance I received but I do know I blew the day on the road trip and have to get finished up preparing for my solo show.. so much to do and grateful for it.

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