Friday, September 14, 2012

Fragments of information

Here is a quick photo of the some of the papers I made yesterday in the studio after watching the movie and cleaning up... I so enjoy that peacefulness of watching in there. Just me puttering around tossing out and put things back where the belong..again with the outdoor studio exhibit I was running in and running out and dumping stuff so needed to tend to that.

I've been having the calling of Home come to me and the importance of a home.  Being out and about and accomplishing some major miles stones and goals I'm feeling the home sense calling.  It could be the time of year as of fall gathering and coming in feeling. Please the closeness of family time soon, with holiday's and all.

So I've gravitated to a book Happier at Home.... not that we should all run out and buy this book...not sure kind of like my of Gretchen Rubin is sharing details of her daily life and search for Happy...she did another book before this called the Happiness project so now Happier at Home..

I've been a homesteader all my life and truly do enjoy my home..not a finished one but a place of safety and content with a whole bundle of wonder, weirdness and love and laughter.

I go and get hooked into some many books not that I can read them all but self help in art, life and what ever strikes my fancy.. but this one even though it didn't get the best reviews I went for it.

In her book she decides to divide things up into catagories so she can work at them one step at a time...breaking it down to manage piece as I say..

so before she starts she takes a look at herself...good place I feel to start too.

First principle of her happiness project was to "Be Gretchen"
(from the book) One important way to "Be Gretchen" was not assume that virtues that other strive to cultivate are the ones that I should strive for. Others strive to save. I push myself to spend out. Others try to work more; I try to play more. Others strive for simplicity; I fight the simplifying impulse, because if anything, I cultivated too much simplicity-not a disciplined, thoughtful simplicity, but one created by indifference and neglect.

Well, I know that isn't me or you but the thought of Being yourself and not conforming to what everyone else is doing now or going to be doing and answering to your authentic self is where I connected and before you start on a journey you are who you're going to bring best check in on that first..Where every I go, I bring how is myself doing?

Don't know where this read is going but I do know that I'm at a point where I've prepared for some time in the studio to work on my own art for me...not that I didn't before but my own assignments and direction not for a class or workshop so I'm excited about that but the old urge to get a proposal going for 6 months from now is nipping at my heels... does it sound egoistical to say let them come to me at at this point now.. gosh I darn say that?     I would like to fill that spare time weeding my back patio which I've not had the chance properly in years...just the quick way to pass it by but actually turn the dirty over and get into that part of my property that afterwards brought such happiness and wholeness to my life and then I dabble in my studio on a piece of art...longing for new days like that not going back not but new days..can't relive the past but I sure can create new tomorrows as they say...right? 

Well off I go last job to do today is drop off the sandwich boards at the art league, need to drop of samples for workshop wall for my workshop coming up this October 28th..and leave some postcards for my solo show...then studio time and maybe just maybe fit in some weeding...I have a pile of brush too that needs to be burned so I might end up smelling like wood and fire..that would be so it worked best get a move on..

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