Friday, September 07, 2012

Artist needs help....Way to much

 Walking out of the homestead here after a break yesterday...about 2/3rds the way done...

 and you come around the corner and see the front of the two tents and the path way to have that just in case the "men folk" need to pull out a motorcycle or two.

 Looking into the first tent and back into the third one...still so much to put up..I kept telling myself I'm sick...I can't stop producing art and I have so much that something has got to give....not sure what yet but I do know there are so many ideas I want to go back into as I look at the this work...Like Oh yes I wanted to carry this idea further and try a different size or color...and as always the "What if" starts to happen and then I'm off...saying "Oh God please slow down I can't keep up"

 The series of Large Abstract Landscapes has dyed down to just a few left but that's a series I feel isn't even touch it's peek yet...darn Ideas...keep flowing in.

 My Kurka (Ukrainian for chicken) Series... a love of mine...the colors and the whole fun things that happens with Chicken's and eggs and so on..

It's like when I was creating these piece they are also documenting a part of my life things that were going on and where I was as a mother and artist with the teaching and workshops etc. What a adventure's not stopped yet.  "Living the Dream is more like it"

 Not your average collage work I know...Can't help's what comes up and out from my creative belly...I love so many works out there that I see and a lot people want to create like another artists but the thing I've accepted is no matter how I try...I'm always there and present so that does effect what comes out on to any surface in the creative process so accepting that. I just let it like my Tack Down Tuesdays...their much like the diary entry made in a journal...each piece has a story or moment that was captured in do I remember them all...No but the mood and emotion I hope was captured.
 I've been making collage art for 17 years and presenting, teaching and Demonstration for over 13 going on 14 years now so there's a walls full of work here...that spans at lest the last 10 years to  the present.

Enjoy the time yesterday with setting this up...the weather was cooler and the shadows from the trees were present and it was just a awesome time to be out.. I've got a lot of the Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers around so I hear there churring and chattering...Life is good.

 This back tent my old faithful one...I think this tent is about 12 or 14 years's the tent I use to make hand made paper under or well store my stuff when I'm not and then when I do make paper I roll the sides up and it's just a awesome time...but the roof has seen it's we'll see how the weather with it today...Extra tarps and drop clothes to cover prepared is what I've been taught..don't know what happen back on Tuesday night when I didn't strap down all corners of the tent...had a Mary Poppins effect..hahaha.

 So as I write this post...I had to stop and go inside the tents and use all my saved workshop table clothes and cover the art with it...yes I drape it over the piece just in case the water comes in there's some extra precaution... Now some may say why didn't you wait till say Saturday to put the art up  being that it's going to rain today...Well that would be great if I had three of me to do that...not the martyr now but it's hard for someone to set up your art in a space like this...but I guess I could let go of the control...right?  I think it took me from 10am-4pm to hang it...with my attention distraction thing I got I wander around all over the place hanging a piece here and another there...well you get the picture..I'm one sick puppy...

 So now it's raining and these signs are not going out there's a big green and yellow blob coming in on the radar so I think I'll wait it out.. These are my yard signs I'll put up around the neighborhood to direct people to my place.  Drama...drama... lest it's my own..
 So we have straps and tye down all over the place..

 The path way in between has Ladders??? what's that all about, well you see they were going to be going out to the trash or recycle area but before that I'm using them for weight...Heavy old things...Husbands Idea so there a hanging off the ground just a weight the sides of the tent down..Good thinking Honey!

 Property line here Row of tents...strapped down,

So what's it all about...Artist needing help and way to much...yes I seem to have created this job for myself and this is part of the job description,
Able to pull all resources together and fight mother nature or think that she can at lest. 

 Be able to hand personal drama and stress of the unknown.. and stay happy and positive through it all..

 Well too funny with the stay happy with this all...I had some writing to do for a submission of some things and I sat this morning thinking I feel like doing that but I have a exhibit to put on...well little did I know my thoughts were answered with, "honey I think you have your chance to do it bust a move on it and multi-task while the going is good.

September 7th...rain
September 8th and 9th look much better
6718 Dale Road Darien, IL
I'll be opening the flaps on the tents as the weather station reports give an all clear sign but in the mean time everything is save and waiting till the cooler and wonderful weekend Saturday and Sunday to tackle something else...doing what my mom taught me...use your time wisely now...

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  1. You have a wonderful body of work to show. And I so understand your all over the place thing! Hope your show is successful after all the hard work you have done.


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