Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another good day

Little did I know this was going on...but Saturday I didn't have to be anywhere so I got into my homestead and did some much needed clean up and then ran to the local store to stock up on some dog food, etc.  I had gotten a call a few days ago from my dear friend of 20 years to see if we could chat this weekend, you know spend some time flappin the lips and saving the world from destruction's and I said sure this weekend I'm free so I'll be around. 

Well after I got back from the store a message from Lorraine was left and she really wanted me to call her when I got in...Well she was here from Georgia...and she would be coming to spend the day with me...I was in shock...Oh my Good Orderly turned out to be the best day...I thought the day before was but this was the cherry on top. 

I poured out art all over the place, in words, thoughts and the real thing as she looked at my works I've been in the process with (36 x 36's) and it was so grand...really I mean that to know some this long and share what I had talked about doing and she follow me along the way...I miss that and miss much so I might have to do some visiting myself some day..

My Most Interesting Man in the world...the husband, Randy total me that I've not see you so happy in such a long time...Oh shucks dear...I honestly didn't realize how a good friend really...really does matter..As she said we mirror each other, with our art, views on life and our families..

What can I say..but Thank you for this wonderful day and the good orderly direction is bought.

A Blue Jay comes to visit today..and a two Great Horned Owls early this winged guides.

The owl is the night eagle, one is being asked to use their keen observation to see the truth.
The Blue Jay's lesson is to use your powers properly, adn to not allow yorusel to be placeed in a postion in which power is misused against you.  Blue Jay's have the powers to connect the earth and the heavens.


  1. I can see the bond you two have. Good "girlfriend time" is a very special thing. I'm happy for you, Laura.


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