Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Calming Jar

Found this image on the web...Juggling with Kids  after my oldest young adult living in the house told me I need a Calming Jar...well I punched in the word and this popped up with a whole bunch more.. my mind hooks on to something and then I'm off and totally focused on that and then something else hooks me and I a whirling goof ball. 
So As for a calming jar it had me thinking I do love to look and my little plant I have from the garden center that was to be part of  fairy garden is very specially to me..maybe I should do a small garden in a jar...
But the truth to this all is I don't know how to calm down...unless I've got a belly full and then sleep comes right after... I use to be able to do it but the need to keep pushing has me hooked. I calm down while doing my granny runs in the woods, just me and the woods.. would think I'd be a bean pole with all the running I do but probably counter acts things with all the stress I give myself.. But any way's Mind jar and as soon as next week I'll be back into Tai Chi...I'm taking a class at the park district...Happy about that.. Was going to take Zumba but changed mind and going to use Monday nights for something else...Maybe a girls night with some of girl friends or a night to do nothing.. Making some changes for myself...
Well with all the taking down of the art packing back away and picking out the ones for the Solo show I have coming up in October I also quickly coated another big canvas...hopes are to make the papers this week and the weekend get a good move on the next one..which is number 8...Gave myself the assignment to complete 12 at lest and now I'm more then half way there...and even sold one at the studio busting a move and on all sides.  Some may say I need some calming down or as I say I'm living the dream.... 

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