Thursday, August 30, 2012

work in the studio today

An array of emotions lately...just got news an uncle of my husband's just passed away in his sleep last night...He was one of the good guys...not many like him around and it's a shock...not like when someone is ill and their health is failing them...but when is death is part of life but it's something no one is ever prepared for is it..?

 Any ways I worked on  this piece today, which by far needs a better photo of it...late afternoon under a shade of a tent isn't the best...colors are a bit skewed. Well thing is I'm so grateful that I have this to work on when working through my emotions...I could think of nothing but good thoughts for him and his family... things are still up in the air as of what the Passing plans are so we wait for the family to relay the information.. I believe this piece will be called " Paths on the Good Earth," got my stacking rock symbols in I'm happy as they are markers to share good news.. well that's the hope with it...still more to do with it but needed a break today...just yesterday it was only here.


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