Tuesday, August 07, 2012

to the studio...

As I was out in the woods yesterday I witness a doe and a fawn crossing right in front of me as I picked up my head and thoughts...I stopped stood still was going to take out my camera but didn't and they completed their crossing.

A bit of  fear is seeping in and I'm fighting it as there will be a  void that will happen..hard for this gal.. You see I've decided to stop teaching classes for awhile...the pull to create is stronger.  I will be doing some teaching  of workshops though which will hopeful create some longer time slots for a good body of work instead of a few this way and a few that way in style.

My studio is ready for it..quick shot this morning.

Four canvas setting on the side still in plastic adn on the table.

Need to run out this morning to the West Suburban Community Pantry to drop of the donated funds from the Creative Prayer flags project and to COD with my youngest daughter but papers are ready to go.

More on the Void  and that's all about...


  1. Oh your studio looks SOOOOO inviting!
    Voids, yes, I am in one, except mine seems to be all encompassing at the moment, and I think once you begin creating, the fear of that perceived void will vanish.
    It's just a time readjustment; think of it that way.
    An extra day in the week to create.
    The flow will come and you'll love it after the minor adjustment.....trust me. :-)


  2. Hi there Anne good to hear from you.. Yes the Void..the void of doing one thing and then not and getting in to new routine...like update website setting a schedule to work in the studio with the time Like I have wanted to get to..now you got it what and how do you do it...adjustments..always making the adjustments to keep the balance, so true..

  3. Sounds wonderful to me, Laura. Your time alone. Time to really put all of your energy into what you want to create. I have thought of this.


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