Tuesday, August 28, 2012

some ups and downs...and we move on

My second oldest daughter, Maddie (Madaline Rose) is pictured here with boyfriend practicing on the motorcycle. This passed weekend she took the class in hopes of passing and then having her licence..(so hot one day and so rainy the next, and she's so sore now) but that didn't happen..it was the hardest thing she has ever done.  She may take it again after some practicing a bit more and the understand of the process of how each bike is different but the same...as the husband explained...it's like getting on a horse...each has it's own personality that you have to adjust to...such is life adjusting to this and that and trying to keep the bobber balanced.. My heart went out to her but I know she had to do this on her own..and in my book she accomplished way more then just failing the test at the end. She succeeded at giving it a try and not giving up, so many lesson in that, that no one can give an individual...they have to walk it and learn it on their own in order to comprehend the full package....I've had a few lessons like that and one never knows she just might give it a try again...scared to have her on a motorcycle on the road...track record is not the best with the broken bones she's had but I secretly hope she will...for the women in her that is still forming..You go Maddie...I'm proud of you...Mom~

So on to a totally different topic..

Pie crust and crumble apple pie, 

Nothing like getting creative to jet you out of a downer...and so the image of this was on Facebook...yes Facebook you say that lately and people cringe...but that's where I saw it and thought wow! that could happen, I could give this a try..so the idea was planted and off I went...(like I need to put the sugars and flour in?   life is short, what can I say)
 Now you can't see my cinnamon bun crust because it didn't look like the spiral in the top picture, mainly because I didn't get the same brand as they used...(which I don't know what brand it was) So it rolled out and I was able to use it...flour your counter first or use wax paper under rolled out crust as it has a tendency to stick.. but my mom taught me the trick to that...baker in the Bohemian side of the family..
I decided to do the crumple crust apple pie..as of the crumble on top.. so found a quick recipe on line and off I went peeling apples...I have to say the homestead was wonderful with the smell of cinnamon and apples.   Right before this I completed my Tack Down Tuesday for today and finished packing up the bin work...now to the calendars and getting them pack up and ready for next weekend-Outdoor Studio Exhibit...so much to prepare for...all the busy work and behind the scenes stuff to do...and I keep telling myself  it doesn't have to be perfect...and It won't be but I have to admit I get caught up in it without even realizing it..the obsessive dog latches on to the bone and I go steam rolling on...terrible when you know too much about your own behavior it was great when I was in denial of it all..but now I'm not still hard to handle myself sometimes.  More like the task master needs to do a bit of taming first instead of cracking the whip.

This is a book that I have on order...called Fire Starter...I've always been a fire starter in girl scouts and at home here so how fitting.   Here's where it gets me....WE LIVE FOR THE RUSH OF TURNING A THOUGHT-ABSTRACT IDEA-INTO SOMETHING REAL TANGIBLE, TOUCHABLE READABLE, EFFECTUAL PROFITABLE.  When I read that I was hooked...no I've been hooked it was like Wow! this is me or someone else feels this way....and I'm not alone. what a gift that is when you can relate and connect like that.

I had a few people comment yesterday with my personal body ups and downs...from experience events, moments and life always pass...I know this but while you're stuck in it...and I do mean stuck as a feeling like you're alone and no one gets it, it's hard to reconnect to the right perspective as this is a moment in your life and in the big picture is just a flash of light...so with the grace of good orderly direction that has it's way of stepping in at the right moment for me...I find it...life that is and it's balance and this time I used the show up and do concept, but I used my other senses too.  I put music on that I've not listened to in a very long time...right away I was home when I here that then I got creative with the job at hand and didn't put off...before I knew it I was also creative in other areas and the well being lifted to a good ground level...A blessing through it this all is that I have a husband though very independent thinker really does get me and understands...and he knows I'm going through some body changes and we can find laughter with me through it too.

As from Robert Frost

The best way is always through it....

So off to launch the Tack Down Tuesday walk the dogs..just hit a few hiccups that's all and now to move on...with grace.  Thanks all for reading and sharing you're comments it means so much to know your not alone...we do need our people and communtiy to survive...we are not an island  are we? 

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