Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Morning

Up early did my journal writing and got dressed and took the dogs to Katherine Legge's for a good wide open runbout...Carl my elder sticks close to me but our Hank opens up and with three gants he's across the field almost greeting a new four legged friend...He hesitates till the body lauguange is made to say it's OK to great and meet..

Then when we got back I was hungry and edge the husband to go to breakfast..Hopped on the GeZZer Glide as he calls it compared to the Chopper and we invited Jake our son to Moondance diner...great place and I had the healthnut breakfast...whites of the eggs loaded with veggies and mixed fruit and one slice of mulitgrain bread.  I'm full and feeling nice and free after the ride..

Writing up the agenda for the workshop today and starting to make the packets up... window's are open in the grand it that..

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