Thursday, August 09, 2012


Front cover for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit - should be coming in the mail today or tomorrow.

 and this one is for the solo exhibit at LaGrange Art will be Eleven years since I had my first solo exhibit just realized that. I became a member and then set a goal to have a one person show..which at that time you had to exhibit at lest 85% of the time and make an placement award in those two now Eleven years later...I'll be having another exhibit...I know my work as evolved greatly.  and the fact it there's still more evolving to be done..  the back ground on the Collage Colorist card is white..I think my daughter did a great job..sure is nice, not it's a blessing to have a graphic person in the because she is working for me to do this..I've got to pay her for it..

Big $ investment is going out in the next couple of months for all this, not sure what will return but when taking the risk and trusting seems to be the course I go with it..Either I'll be sailing or I'll be capsized and waiting for the rescue boat to come..

Oh and I also order Tack Down Tuesday Calendars so they will be here for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit...Last year I didn't think about it till after I was packing up the show..but got on it this year.. Nice selection if I do say so myself.. Ok now to get approve of the postcards before I order them.. things you have to do. 


  1. Wonderful colorful postcards, Laura! Yes, very handy assistant you have! And wonderful, your solo show!

  2. Hi Laura... Just want to say Congratulations and also thank you for sharing all your inner ups & downs. I just know you will be a success in your solo show!!! Hugs!!

  3. Oh thanks you too...Off to keep it all in motion and moving forward for the day.


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