Saturday, August 18, 2012

Part two of day 2-Intuitive Collage-Naperville art League

 Cheri's lovely square waiting for the image transfer to cool...then she's going to mositen the white back and rub off the paper and then she will be done.  A little free adverstisment for Judy Biggert I guess...hahaha.
 Hard to see but we use the auto trader magazine as a work station, you can turn the page and have a clean surface to work Daniela is creating a lovely piece from a gesture line as a guide.

 Daniela's exercise squares all lined up...
 Eileen is having a great time using up the scraps from the box...they work great for the small works like this. Can't wait to see how this one turns the contrast in it.
 Nancy is in heaven what can I say...she's a busy little beaver here..
Cheri, spreading the polymer on the surface of the magazine papers she created..the bowl scraper works wonders for getting that layer of polymer on there thin and quick so it's ready to dry and we can do the other side. 

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