Saturday, August 11, 2012

Packets for Intuitive Collage Workshop-Naperville

Between  a few distraction I've been able to get the packets together with hands on instruction and color photo's.. Writing up the three day agenda and working on my Outdoor studio signage...made had the graphic guru in the homestead do that...tacked that on to her little design job she did for me..
So many fun things to keep busy with behind the scenes of a workshop and exhibit.. And the artist's customer only see the final product and wonder...well I'm just happy to still be living a dream even though I'm working myself to death..

The other day when I went to the Little Red School house for a quicky-artist date I walked the paths around there and this is what I saw amongst the solitude I had as I walked for pretty much most of the trail.
 and look out deck kind of thing...I'm sure there a proper name for it. I remember feeding the Carp that are very big in this lake.
 I wished I had my binoculars to see what they really were up there on the post...I could swear they were Eagles but completely for got to ask someone when I was leaving to much in the moment of the day I guest.

 What is it about things that repeat themselves...I seem to be attracted it all the time.. but this photo doesn't show the effect of the water lily like it should.. Had to be there..hehehe.

One waterlily amongst thousands.


  1. I'm hoping to get to Little Red to see the exhibit. Saw it several years ago at the Newberry Library. It's so cool!!
    You are one busy busy lady!! Really an inspiration the way you keep going and going!! I'll be anxious to see what you create with your new agenda of less classes!!

  2. Me too Robin..I might just fall I've been teaching for 13 years new changes and routine...haven't gotten into it yet so trying not to let fear feed it.. The mind can play some nasty tricks on this girl.


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