Monday, August 20, 2012

Everyone has something~

Here is a image and a few words from a site I found Animal Totems it could be the horoscope in the newspaper or the way the stones fall or some old bones on the ground...How about the way the stars line up?  There is something about what is happening around us and how we connect or don't connect that guides us.

Teaches expression of nature and sensitivity one surroundings, alertness and awareness of what is happening around you, teaches to listen and feel carefully while using intuition. Voles can teach you lessons of destruction and rebirth. What needs to change in your life? Vole will show you how to make those changes. Are sinking your teeth into your endeavors? Vole teaches how to grab ideas and thoughts to make them productive by using creativity and tenacity.

Attention to details and examining closely, fastidious, may be getting too locked into details or may need to see them more closely now, need to focus on where your attention is. Are you too quiet or too loud? Mouse can teach lessons of stealth and invisibility for sometimes great strength lies within quietness. Time to be aware of new discoveries and possibilities. Listen to your introspection and intuition.

One is to look at other animals that are closely that's why I pulled up Mouse too.

Mainly I'm to stop chasing my tails and start observing the details of your present pathway. this little creature today couldn't have come at a better time.. There's lots to do in the next couple of weeks and month so best be busting a move on I can be on task and organized.

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