Friday, August 31, 2012

Being called a Martyr

Wow that was a hit this morning....but maybe I do sound like that. With the pending rain and the passing of the elder, things are a bit unknown as of what is going to happen...Setting up for a outdoor exhibit is a big deal for me..the part that I'm not to found of but I do because once it's up it's fine but getting there is a struggle..well such in life isn't it, about the "getting there" 

side note after the ranting... (Last year I remember preparing for the One of a Kind Show and the Husband came down with Legeionaire disease..yes like all those people here in chicago.. but it all worked out, thank God)

I take small steps to get where I'm headed because usually I have to do it by myself..Yes the Martyr with her hand over her forehead..My young adults all have jobs..thank God and are going to school and doing it all right and well, the Husband works 40 to 60 hours some Who's left to help...Hank and Carl...Oh there my side kicks but help by far they can't do, a good lick in the face for support is welcome afterwards though.

So this morning when I rambled off about going into pick up the display panels already at the Art League that I'll borrow and possible taking down the Prayer Flags and then that I'll be watching my mother in law's Dog on top of it because I'm the one that Mom trust watching him...I get a bet over whelmed...I think I will really need a year off of this craziness soon.. And the Husband says...Oh Quit being the martyr and saying you have to do it all...??????

It's hard to explain and now that I'm crabbing or venting about it...this doesn't look good for people to see or read about, come on your suppose to have it all together and handle this..

Well I do one step at a time and with planned steps that is...( as God Laughs at have a plan?) I've given  myself extra days just in case things come up and as this week has was an unexpected Death of my husband's Uncle and that is unpredictable very sad and shocking too. My heart goes out our aunt and their family..

If this was an inside job/art exhibit-inside/gallery ...I wouldn't be in deep well of over-whelmed frenzy but it's Don't be the Martyr he says...Oh ouch, that hurts but it's true...I'm doing it all by myself...I've got it all riding on this weekend as they say and hoping to present a good showing to the uncertainty of what the weather will be and anyone that would like to come out and see some collage art work...

I share this only as a way to understand that I know I'll get through, yes with a bit of kicking and screaming but I will get through..and for some reason, lesson will be learn and before you know it I'll be planning something else...just the way it goes...So now with a good venting and understand of the way it looks comes the acceptance of it all..

Laura, as I self talk here...ask for help and it will come and know this isn't needing to be perfect...remember Imperfect is what is called for and just ride it out down the river of life and you will get I rightly know I have nothing to complain about...with in our own family right now there are worse things people are trying to deal with and get through..  gratitude can change the stinking attitude and new perspective on life will flow..

Just dealing with life as she hands you some cards... Ok pass me another one...card that is

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  1. I have always hated it when someone called me a martyr~~basically because *I* see the use of the word as someone who does nothing but whines to get sympathy.
    On the other hand, I see YOU as working like a mad woman to keep it all together, which is as far from martyr as one can get.
    I often believe an artists responsibilities are not recognized, and especially trying to balance home responsibilities with art responsibilities.
    Hang in there will all come together.



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