Monday, August 13, 2012

A this and that kind of Sunday.

 Second Oldest Daughter on her first lesson, She's on her dad's Trials bike, no not a trails bike..this bike is build for very slow moving and the ability to climb things like picnick tables hills and still stay straight up...perfect to give it a go at...she was a bit disappoint thinking she would get it right away..heck why wouldn't she the guys do it..but it may take a bit more practice time...I was tempted but went back up stairs to the studio..
 Emergent this is still in the process and flows along with a a composition layout I'm working on.
The title is a bit different as I shared with my oldest daughter about the word emerge but I didn't want to say that as much as Emergent...don't know if its a word or not but she agreed.  I have a series of Faceless people that seems to be an ongoing series till I say different..but can be part of that..

Between putting labels on the post cards and remaking my signage for the Outdoor Studio Exhibit I've been hopping around all over the place...Crazy doing this all so far in advance but when the time come for the exhibit I'm alway so thankful I started early on preparing for it...seem to help it all flow better...As they say "Break it down in to small steps and before you know you've traveled a lifetime." 

So off to a face to face book club meeting this morning, we meet every other Monday and then back to the homestead and get working on my Tack Down Tuesday.. And tomorrow I pack for the workshops on Thursday...Whahooo!!

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