Sunday, August 19, 2012

A full day to COLLAGE!!! Day 3

 Caught Mona, in action here putting a coat of polymer on to seal everything off. Beautiful rich fall colors. Just amazing.

 Maritza, use some pastel purple tape for the edged instead of the white tape which is great..because it peals off easier.  She was working on a Landscape piece.

 Kathy was trusting her gut and grasp the intuitive nature of the collage and was off on exploring her ideas.
 Nancy was working on three smaller piece to go with the larger one she started. Just taking a moment to reflect the next step.

 Cheri was tickled to see how well it all came together. Some great colors she has chosen to work with.
 Mike was on a roll, he had brought in some substrate material that was recycled to him and wanted to use every minute of the workshop to test it out..and to report it worked out great. 

Kathy piece she was working on before...she stayed with it till the very end...and had a finished piece.

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