Wednesday, August 29, 2012

5th Outdoor Studio Exhibit-Laura Lein-Svencner

The love/hate of preparing for a event like this...darn I say that?'s hard work to put any event on even a Thanksgiving Dinner...I think in another life if not being an artist I should be event's planner or something...I'll keep that in mind for later.. So anyways today I mail out the postcards, yesterday I did a phone interview with the Suburban Life Newspaper about my work that is published in a new book...Painting with Mixed Media...I was able to mention my outdoor studio exhibit and my solo exhibit at LaGrange Art League coming in October...Little blessing there...very thankful for that marketing opportunity.

Busy work is going on now...along with the self doubts..again... darn I say that...Oh an artist isn't to wear that badge are we...honestly and being real its all has to do with the unknown of how it will all work out...that's where the fear and doubt come what do you the family words in the homestead are lately,  " time to toughen up" and "time to bust a move". 

I don't know and I won't know, but I have to move forward like anything else on the faith that for some reason it will be what it's going to be and all the hard work will be worth it in the end...

Pep talk yes that's what it is also to know the process of going through is such a good life experience hard to put in to words...anything that is you put you heart and soul into is worth it...

So Rain or Shine I have a week to continue the frenzy of preparing for this and to make it imperfect as it can be...because if I say perfect I'll be killing myself to do that and I want to have some fun with it..

Just sharing openly and being real...


  1. Every year I tell myself I'll get there... maybe this year I'll actually make it. I will definitely make it to the LaGrange show!

  2. when those voices of doubt start speaking too loudly, remind yourself that your work is published in a book (congratulations - that is so exciting!!!!), you actually accomplish the things on your to-do list (I like how you post that), you keep up regularly with your blog and have folks who enjoy reading it, you are in an upcoming art show, etc., etc. You are an artist and work hard at it, so yes, you don't have to listen to your inner critic.

  3. Oh thank you ladies for stopping by...voices..what voice??? yes the roller coaster down to the depts of stinking thinking hell...well at the moment when there rolling it's a hard one to put on the breaks and I fight it but if I know the pattern I fall into..silly things and it is usually before a big event...silly thinking if I beat myself up then any thing that happens won't hurt isn't that for the wall of voices...well then I realize what I've stuck in and fight to get out and it do and then I seem to accept as I share here...terrible that one has to set themself up for it isn't it..I don't realize I do that but I do..and I just wish the 2 x 4 of reality would hit me a bit earlier...hahaha. then I would have to go through it..but then I would learn new things either..well that's my thinking abou it.


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