Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Words of encouragement

Yesterday, I was chopping up veggies and thinking about the chat I had with an artist in Florida about a book she wrote on her process of collage making.  I keep itching over the idea of doing I'm putting feelers out about this and sharing the idea to see what other insight might be...So when the Husband came home...from work I shared with him my idea and he said...." hold on !  you said you wanted to be in the studio working on big pieces, that's not working on big piece of art, that's getting distracted like I do in the garage."   Silly but that's the truth...we're a rare pair as of highly creative and distract easily. But it's good thing, and it works for us.

I figured if I start talking to people that write well and can understand artist's perception on things and our crazy antic's I should do OK and in about a year have a book ready for self-publication.  Dreaming big time but also sending it out there to the universe to see what I receive back as some good orderly guidance.  

Happy 4th to all today..

Having the mother in law and brother in law over for dinner and keeping it I would like to be spending it in the studio all day. Need to address the issue I have with #4 of the big piece I'm making. I was stalled the other day with it and I realized it was because I was exploring a little bit more then usually and I was tapping into a bit of doubt or fear about that so now with it sitting up there and me walking by it and looking at it I'm more accepting where it's going..

Off to begin the day...


  1. I think writing a book on your creative process is a fantastic idea... You pretty much do that on your blog anyway... it would just mean going into more detail and maybe a little help with editing... but that is something every writer utilizes, part of the process. I don't think you should dismiss the idea.

  2. Agree totally Deb..Talking about it so that means getting the ball rolling but that's just gathering the information about how to do something like this..

  3. I would suggest that you write a book in "workbook" style. Decide ahead of time how many "lessons" you are going to offer in the book, and stick to it, or the book will never end. Take photos in process and use them, describe your thought process and the steps you took for each project. Try it with something you are working with now and see if it is a fit for you. :)

  4. Deb Great ideas...I've also heard don't reveal everything leave a bit of mystery to it.


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