Saturday, July 07, 2012

Singing my Song

Singing My Song
36 x 36
collage on canvas

I gave a final coat of UV varnish on this piece this morning and will need a good day or too to let it dry and then add the final hanging system to the back and she's ready. I need to get a photo scan of it and a few prints. In a perfect world I would have like to have it done already but will have to be patient.. I'll have this ready to show at the Naperville Women's Club Fine Art Fair at the Naperville Settlement July 15th and 16th. 

Now from the book Brave Intuitive Painting,
Author -Flora Bowely

There are plenty of opportunities in our live to strive, push, compare, compete and struggle. For me painting serves the opposite purpose. It is my time for self reflection, patience and healing. By diving deep into my own creative journey, I am able to see parts of myself that are kept hidden in my everyday life. The blank canvas give these deeper emotions a space to reveal themselves in a nonverbal way. The canvas has no opinions. It will simply hold your offerings and reflect them back to you, clearly and without judgment. It is up to you to interpret and learn from what you have created. Color, form, and line express a language beyond the confines of words, allowing you to tap into a deep well of wisdom patiently waiting to be uncovered.

Also consider that time spent dedicated to your creativity equals time spent dedicated to creating a more whole version of yourself. It is through the process of listening to your intuition and responding in a fully expressive way that we discover and return to our most authentic selves. This is a gift not only for you, but for those around you.

After reading this it makes sense...I'm tapping into the stuff  that I started with so long ago.  And it feels so good to be intuitive creating again.. not that I've not been doing it but I'm listening deeper.  I don't want to buy any more big canvas but the two I have waiting for me and then use up all the other panels and canvas in storage but I might have to go with this awhile and see intuitively what's calling to happen.  I've wanted to get to a bigger size for some time. I've dabbled in it over the years but with working in the smaller format of the Tack down Tuesdays I've fallen in love with the square and how it works with equal sides..and I've wanted to see what would happen if I took these ideas and allowed  inner reflection to emerge... Still don't want to get to anal about it..want to stay in the fluffy range with this and allow it to just come... But damn it's exciting.  I just love the intensity of this piece...I want to spin and whirl as the cylinder shapes are doing, staying in the rich moment of concentration. I also had a great time listening to the papers, as if they were telling me when to cut or tear.   


  1. Oh, Laura, this piece really does it for me. The turquoise bits reach out to my turquoise loving center.
    Thank you for the quote from Flora's book. I am lucky enough to be immersed in a creative time and place and the reminder of the healing and centering that comes from soul creating time is just what I needed to start my day.
    I hope your weekend has some special deep moments in it, Beautiful Artist-lady.

  2. Good morning Kim,

    My rock this morning said... I am more than my body...boy did I need that this morning..when trusting, all seems to come your way doesn't it.. between black and turquoise there my favorite colors. So wonderful to be witness your creative adventure too. Be free to be in the moment.

    Thanks for you comment there miss queen of rocks..

  3. This is really beautiful. Love the colors. And really love your statement about "listening" to the papers. May have to get that book.

  4. A beautiful piece Laura... and BIG. Love the palette.

  5. Loving that piece. The composition, the details, and the colors -- perfect!

  6. Thanks all, I'm to be sending this one off but not sure if I ready to yet.

  7. Oooooooooo beautiful, Laura!

  8. Wow, what a beautiful piece! Love the colors! I have a question, someone else told me they use varnish, I am wondering if it will "smear" graphite or pencil?


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