Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More canvas and sharing experiences

I puttered around in the morning hours, gathering information to share with a artist friend about licensing you art work and other helpful sites. Then coated another canvas for the continued big piece series I'm working.  I've got 6 canvas to complete by October, so they seem to take me some time not quite a month and I don't have 6 months so I've got a bit of a fire started under my behind and I kind of like this...challenge to see if I can do it..Picked up some new colors of Neo II Crayons. These aren't the colors I picked, but you get a good idea of what they look like.. When I use them I have to spray a fixative over them before I continue collaging, then I can continue on with the piece, layer many mediums of paper, image transfers and the neocolors.
So the last collage I worked on I used these, found them to be just what I needed to make the gestural lines that were called for.. can you see them in this photo below?

So I picked up some cool colors to work with, my palette of colors..

Well best be off and on with the day... Four legged loves need to let off some built up energy at least the big guy does.. and then he'll be good for a day or too. And me I'm going walking again and then the day starts after that.

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