Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday with a list way to long

I was wiped out by 8:00 pm I went to bed and did wake up till 4:00 when a big wet nose touched my face and then did a shake over my head and bit of Hank slobber sprayed my face.  I've decided early after doing my morning journaling and meditation to walk them before the heat started and it worked out well.

Then it was to empty the Transit out and put the sits back in..right after that I was so sweaty...dripping I decided to got on the bike and do a few laps around my urban hood and use some different muscles.  Oh I'm sure the will be talking to me tomorrow.

Need to jump in the shower now and then head out and accomplish the rest on the list to do and then get up to the studio for the Tack down Tuesday Session..

Passed on the info to my daughter for the postcards...Outdoor Studio Exhibit soon!!

Well best be going...Naperville Woman's Club was a good fair as always.. Hot and didn't melt away and survived to talk about it..

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  1. Glad to hear the show went well! Also good to hear the bike riding!


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