Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Making some paper and putting on the miles

Hard to see but there is a large sheet of tracing paper that I'll so be using the dowel rod tool to make some marks with.

There you go..are the cris-cross lines interesting..well I sure do love them 

Here is a piece that is 8 x 8 inch. I'm using this composition and going the composition always changes so I'm not sure what the end piece will look like but I had to make some bigger sheets of paper to use on this.  Already I have a maroon red instead of a red red.

I had to make just white paper..sound funny I did us the drawing paper that was white but I wanted a bright white so when coating the paper with the white paint I rolled over the edges a bit and left these marks on the Kraft you can see now the shininess of the paper means it's be coated with a layer of polymer..

About the Miles.. I've been keeping track of my exercise miles now since 2007 and I'm almost at 4000.  So that means I've vamping up the exercise so I can reach that goal soon.  Yesterday in the heat I put on 12 miles.  6 with my bike around the neighborhood and 6 granny run miles out in the woods. Remarkable though is I pumped my self with some fruit, beets and cherries and of course some water and went right up to the studio to work on these papers..

Head out with the dogs early and got there exercise in and then biked another 6 miles..I have butt muscles!! too funny as they were there but saggy a feels really good to go fast around the to keep a watch though for the cars.  I wear my helmet and a safety vest so they can see me..some people don't even amazes me. Now time to get back up there and coat the papers..I was also able to get my creative writing journal ready for Fridays class.


  1. I thought the paper with the lines was some sort of cheese cloth. What a great texture, good work as usual Laura. And you deserve gold stars for sticking so well to your exercise goals, I applaud you, I know it isn't easy with your busy schedule.

  2. Cheese cloth yes it does look like that, the ideas came from a book printing and stamping, I just carried over on to tracing paper..I love the waxy look it gives on a collage, pushes the papers underneath back. As for the exercise..I've been putting that on the back burner way to long and not making it priority... I have the option to do the right thing now before it's too late..I keep forgetting that. thanks for stopping over.

  3. I loved that little roller of yours when I used it on my prayer flags, the criss cross is great!
    Beets are good for the heart too! Keep on biking!


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