Monday, July 02, 2012

Lost in the studio yesterday

After putter in the morning and sending out a few emails with some contracts I had to write up for a few demo's etc. I finally made it up stairs to the studio. I have this big piece and I would like to keep it done soon for the show at Naperville Woman's Club July 15th and 16th but not sure if that will happens.

I hit a wall with to say my ideas are working as I had hoped so it's in the stage that I love/hate so much..there is a problem with is and it needs to be solved but every time I force the solution it's seem to make it worse so it needs to set and I need to allow help...

There are times when I think that I'm a bit more then my art and take on the Oh I'm so powerful and then stuff like this happens as of I lose the be it as it sounds I'm sending it  a prayer out for insight and going to see what happens. 

In the meantime I'm still in awe over the journey that an on line friend is still having.. Uta Mooney  and all that she is till experiencing, she will be her in the states till September I guess. She has a very strong bond with most of the members so this is something for her to meet this people in person.

and then off this morning to the book club meeting.. will be good to see the woman there.

Then back up to the studio to prepare some prayer flag footage for the workshop I'll be teaching this weekend.. I'm excited this will be the first of this kind I've taught so we will be pulling out all the stuff such as sewing machines, stamps, stencils, print making and much more. Should be a day long artist date for most of us.

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