Monday, July 09, 2012

Creative Prayer Flags workshop Reflection #3

 Noreen's has a nice orange wash with stamping and added embellishments.
 Lime Green was a nice color to work with, I know I personal add some to one of my flags, here Joan is adding the beads on, a bit of hand sewing was called for now and then.
 Love the little person Nancy sewed on to her flag.

 Here are a few of mine at the start moving in to Nancy's
 And then we have some more of Nancy's and Joans'
 and Carols and Noreen's...We ended up with about 25 pray flags...I had extra flags calling for them to be touched by these ladies good intentions.

Joan shared some material with us and it seem to be in every one of our pieces, how great is that.

I've taught many workshops before and I have to say this one was the most freeing of my creative spirit..We all had no idea what we were going to create. I did ask a few question before hand about where we would like our good thoughts to be directed at..good wishes for someone going through a hard times, what we would like to change if we could and just the loving creative spirit we all need to touch base on more often was added and I'm sure you can see by the results it was a success.


  1. Love it! Love them all.

  2. They're wonderful! All good thoughts will be flying in the air.

  3. love the idea of making flags based on reflection and thought.. all very lovely strung together.

  4. Lynn it's wild to me to see how this manifested into more then sharing it with the group... the workshop experience was great for this kind of creative spiritual works.

    Yes April, I had them write down some thing before we began so that it was fresh at the top of their heart and through process. what's wild is the some of the sharing that was going on good for us to talk about the parts in our life that need an extra prayer or good thought.

    Oh Donna there was a great article in the Cloth Paper scissor magazine March/April about them. and you can make them any way you would like but I think that can't help themself but to be what there intended to be good intention blowing in the wood for the spirits to pick up and tend to.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my collage chatter, many creative blessings and peace to you and yours