Friday, July 13, 2012

Class starts today and tent set up...

Today is the first of four classes on how to make a Creative Writing Journal. As you can see the substrate is a used hard covered book...We will be gluing the pages together today as a starter.  Now this is not an Altered book or a Art journal.  Mainly this is created for just the wonderful moment when you feel like a nice afternoon writing moment or great to take on vacation..After creating a book like this when you turn the pages to write you encounter a ground base of excitment before you even start by all that you prepare before hand..I know I find it exciting to write on a colored surface.

After class I'm heading over hopeful to pick up the rest of my print order and then home for lunch and get ready to sweat my butt off..(wished it happens for really, hahaha) as I'll be setting up my tent at the Naperville Woman's Club 53rd Annual Art Fair.

so best be getting a move on things.

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  1. Hoping to find one of those great afternoons to journal!


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