Friday, July 20, 2012

Carving Stamps today and giving our journals a white wash

Today is class session two and we will be carving our gum erasers in class and gessoing our pages of our journal.

What is happening now with the hard cover recycled library book is the pages have been glued together at least three at a time and now we are pushing back the words in the book a bit with gesso.  They become part of the character to this journals..the history one puts in them with their own words is add to the history of the story already written. Some may call this a Alter book but it's purpose is to be use a journal.

As you can see by the pages on the left side of this journal it's about to the end.(so glad I have few new ones started)  I've was doing some afternoon journal writing in it yesterday and when I was writing about a decision I made about something I had some doubt if I made the right choice but I found that as I continued to write out all the details I found the calming presents of a good choice that I made.


  1. Oh love this, Laura. Mine is glued and rubber-banded and haven't gotten back to it yet, but will start gesso-ing today! And have to listen to that song below!

  2. Oh! and love those stamps! Another thing that i never get to!

  3. Nice stamps, I'm always surprised at how easy it is to carve my own. The only hard part is making time to do it! Your journal already looks good.

  4. That's right finding the time Jan.. The student's in the class are having a great time..color comes next week..kind of excited for them to see what they can do.

  5. April Annie Morgan is a mixed media artist and she said do the stamps while watching some TV which is a great idea.

  6. Good idea, Laura! I have glued the three pages together throughout the book and now I think I will be gessoing forever. I put the fan on and go on to something else in between, right?


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