Thursday, July 19, 2012

Broke a tool - Michaels Craft Store I go

So this what it looks like inside ah?  I've had this punch for a good many years and it had bit of character to had a hiccup as it would stick all the time and I had to back it out with the end of a paint brush or something but it worked. 

Hard to see but there is a row of circle that is just below the middle of the piece which at the very end when all I needed was about 5 more circles the punch broke. As I was out in the woods today I was passing quite a few of the Poke Weed plants. 

Here's a close up of the berries.. well the piece I'm working has me thinking about  Poke Weed.  or the song Poke Salad Annie..  it's a favorite the of course everyone once in a while we all hear it playing in the garage.


So as you can see I found a tool that will helped me continue on with the circle things... Not liking it the handles are flimsy and I wonder how long it will last but I needed it. 

Now while I was there...I wondered if the Halloween stuff was out, and sure enough it was and I found myself a new Crow..this time it's wings are in the flight mode.  A bit smaller but she'll do. You see the other one was about two years old and sun faded...time for the retirement home..Actually when I brought the bag in and set it down Sophie our Cat/Dog dragged it out..I could have let her play with it but she would eat the feather and spit it up save her the trouble..I took it away.

Good productive day.. I didn't ride my bike today I decided not to abuse myself and it's best to keep things in a "Easy does it mode"  not obsessive as I usually do..Moving forward but with grace is more like it.

well off to eat some dinner.

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  1. I have some of those punches with the handles and I find them much better than the others, so hope you have luck with it. I think they're more expensive too (?) so get what you pay for, right? And, oh yes, i saw those crows the other day at Michaels and thought of you, wondering if you would get one as I know you mentioned replacing yours.


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