Monday, June 18, 2012

A wonderful Father's day in the homestead

Here he is, The Dad, father of the this Svencner Clan. It was a wonderful fathers day for him...did a little motorcycle riding in the morning and then some Menard's shopping for new back doors and a power washer for the house...needs it badly.   Then he decide to go on another motorcycle ride and was home for ribs and dinner fixings. His Mom and Brother came over and brought desert and we had a great time.. his oldest daughter had a father day present for him. She made this in one day..You see he's be told many time that he looks like a to play long with that, Stevie made a hat for him to wear on the chopper rides...don't know if it will stay on or not but it sure is fitting for his personality and nature...we all had a great laugh. 

Yesterday morning...I received an email...I had questioned the Sub Ubran Art of the time I spent there presenting my work and talking about myself and what I do..actually I was also promoting my workshop coming up in August so putting my time in...Then with the email I received I found out I won Best of Show...first time in a art event like this. So I was feeling a bit silly for questioning my time. 

As I say it always happens when you least expect it... and grateful for that.


  1. Love the hat and that great smile !

    I think it isn't so much that it happens when you least expect it. I think it happens when you have no expectations and just put love and care into what you love to do.
    Congrats on the well-deserved recognition, Artist Lady.

  2. Congratulations, Laura!
    And, oh my gosh, I love that hat!

  3. The viking looks formidable. Congrats on your win... you shouldn't be surprised.


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