Thursday, June 21, 2012

What more could a girl ask for....

Early morning I head back in for another cup of coffee. I take a picture of the fine work the husband is doing and the birthday gift of doing it this week.  We have a new door for the side of the house and some new brick steps.. they kind of match the old brick he gathered some years ago that use to be the streets of Downers Grove..Love the beaten character look..well we both do.  It's not completed yet we have a storm door to go on and the bricks are just dry stacked he say now. But what a man after working in the 90 degree day's and then doing this...we spent a good 2 hours at our local hardware store noodling out the design to the measurement we needed.

Now I have to say my birthdays was really awesome all day.  I received more then I expected and many Happy Birthdays all the way around...But the best gift was something that nature provide for me to witness.  Every time I walk in the woods to renew my spirit and have a talk and listen-to with God I am treated with a wonderful sighting...not once but Twice I crossed paths with a Doe and Three Fawns...a bit rare to see but it does happens..could be because of the mild winter and early rich spring...The walks that live close by the area. Say they don't hear the coyotes as could be that there is good supply of rabbits and the need for deer isn't as strong..but I head that they don't kill the deer they will take a sick one or if things are very scares the may do bring one down...  And then I treated myself to fresh ripe black berries as I walked around.

You see sometime ago (about 16 years ago) I pulled off of the decoration rehabbing of the home and put my energy into my art, full blown and to the obsessive mode. That left the husband tending to it all by himself... well that got old for him and me I was off creating my little butt off...we've been puttering along for some time now but the homestead needs our focus was built in 1945 and then we added to it and it has never been truly finished.  Now we've not gotten divorced over it which most couple would. We are lucky that we can put up with the rehabbers look..but it's time for us to get back into gear... so the need to purge and switch gears in some areas and gain a more streamed line agenda is called for. The studio is needing a good cleaning today so after my morning walk I'll be taking care of that..

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  1. Looks good, sounds good, and I can smell the coffee.


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