Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Visit from Jonathan Talbot

 Jonathan Talbot was passing through and stopped in at Cuts and Crafts last night. Friend of Jim Pavlato's,  had invited Jonathan to present a little get together and what a crowd show up. It was so delightful to see and listen to.
 Jonathan is over 6ft tall and me a plump little 5'4", here he kneels on a chair to be close to my height..how sweet.. Good energy and laughter.
 Just a quick little demo of the process of using the heat seal iron and how great that works.
 A Ruling Pen, was demonstrated for us, what a wonderful tool to use especially if you want to sign your work.
 April came to my home and we drove in together...had to snap a nice little picture with her.
Here's a group of us..From the Right over, Jeanne, Barb, Mary Beth, Jonathan, Pam, Jim, Jan and myself.. it truly was a great evening out and inspiring..had my head spinning with ideas.

Photo from April with me chatting with Jonathan and having him sign my book.


  1. It was a very fun-filled evening! Thanks for taking those pix, Laura. So glad we could go together and enjoyed seeing everyone there. And a very nice man; really enjoyed his presentation and renewal of things in my brain! Now back to cleaning my artroom ... and i just want to do art!

  2. Oh, and I'll be posting some more pix later!

  3. Looks like you ALL had great fun!
    (and I would just about kill to have your curly hair....seriously)
    Thanks for posting the pix!



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