Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Uta is coming to make paper today with a big group

The cattail is soaking  and I'll be cooking it today while the gangs all here..By gang I mean people that have meet Uta on line through the Artist Way Journey group over the years since 2007  wow it's been 5 years..some really amazing things have happened for her along with the rest of the group.

I'm so darn nervous  I know it will be great all these people are friends but I'm so nervous to meet Uta..how one shares on line verse how one shares in person...Heck...Snap out of it I need to tell myself. This all is a once and lifetime moment and it's going to be so great...

I've even shared this with my god like friend Aldo whom I see walking in the woods. I'm sure I shared him on the blog before, he's a retired barber and the sweetest Italian man I've ever met.  Every time I see him I can't help myself and smile a big smile.  He was sitting on the log bench, one of the three that they have out there and I had to sit next to him.  The summer breeze was perfect, I wanted to savor it for every..but I know that would be impossible, so the moment was all I had. I shared with Aldo of Uta's Visit and how excited I am to have her come to my home with a group of other that have also share her journey...it's just so darn cool to witness this all.  Well Aldo wished us all well and then we parted ways with a less sweaty hug this time... Everyone knows Aldo out there that walks. Again did I say he's such a sweet soul.

Well on with getting the last little details ready for today...got to run to the store for Lemon's and Ice.. then things hopeful will fall into place...stomach is a churning...but in a such an excited way..


  1. Oh Laura - I know, but all the nerves went out the window, didn't they - because Uta is so so nice and so easy to be with.

    What a nice little acquaintance you have found in Aldo.

  2. that she is..just a love bunny..


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